Hello! I’m Kristen.

By day I work in the animation industry in Los Angeles, CA; by weekend I am a photographer and blogger learning the ropes as I go. Balancing all of my interests is a challenge sometimes but I’m happy with where I am and am excited to see where life takes me!

I created this blog (and Instagram account) as a way to keep myself (and hopefully others) motivated and to remind myself that I can have the life I want. I just have to create it. I want to dive deeper into the world of photography & travel and document my journey without getting “lost” in social media. For others and myself, I hope my work will be a source of inspiration and I hope it will be a reminder to take photos to capture feelings, not followers; locations, not “likes.” A reminder to capture what’s right in front of you.

Everyone has to start somewhere and often that starting point isn’t a specific place or moment. It’s nowhere. They just start and sooner or later they’re somewhere. They’re now here. Nowhere is a place to begin and end, depending on how you look at it.

So I’m starting today. I’m choosing to be here. Now.

Questions or comments? I can be reached at nowherenelson@gmail.com.
Find me on Instagram: @nowherenelson

Thanks for stopping by!