City & Forest: Seattle, Washington, December 2016

Last winter I visited my cousin in Seattle, Washington for four days, three nights during the second week of December. It was my first time in the Pacific Northwest and between the food and the nature, the trip did not disappoint! I got a taste of Seattle, the nature nearby, my cousin’s daily life, and – quite literally – a taste of the food.

We went to the Seattle Symphony’s “Holiday Pops” concert featuring the orchestra, the University of Washington’s Chorale, and lots of festive music. It got us in the holiday spirit!

During one of the days, we visited Pike Place Market down near the water (a classic for any first timers in the area), walked around downtown, and took a tour of the Seattle Underground. The Seattle Underground is a network of tunnels below today’s downtown. Back when the area was first built up, these tunnels weren’t tunnels at all. It was just street level and there were the same kind of shops that everyone goes to today. The city was “elevated” following a lot of flooding during high tide and the Great Seattle Fire that wiped out dozens of blocks. Today, those shops and streets are now one to two stories above ground level and the original street level is now considered “underground.”  We took Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour.I highly recommend it!

Another highlight of our trip was taking the ferry over to Bainbridge Island.


We visited the small town of Poulsbo, sometimes nicknamed “Little Norway” (and for good reason!). The food was delicious, the colors were vibrant, and the shops had a mom-and-pop feel.


Since we were able to bring our car on the ferry, we then drove through the outskirts of the Olympic National Forest. With the rain beating down on us, the music on, and the heat blasting in our faces, it felt like the perfect PNW drive. Not to mention the fog that rolled in!


The rest of the trip was spent eating and seeing our way through Seattle, including a trip to the original REI store and a holiday party with my cousin and his friends. One of his friends brought over “partridges in a pear tree” – genius!


Overall it was a wonderful trip and we packed a lot into four days. If you ever get the chance to visit Seattle, do!


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